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Scope Cinemas and Liberty Cinemas Ltd Set to Ignite Screens with Premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One….

Scope Cinemas, in collaboration with Liberty Cinemas Ltd, is excited to announce the premiere of “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One,” featuring the legendary Tom Cruise. The highly anticipated event is set to take place on July 12th at 6:00 pm, at Scope Cinemas Multiplex – Colombo City Centre. It marks yet another significant achievement for Scope’s dedication to providing unparalleled movie experiences in Sri Lanka.

With its vision set on becoming Sri Lanka’s first multi-sensory luxury entertainment company, Scope Cinemas sees itself as more than just a movie theater chain. Special events and premieres form one part of that ambition. 

“Premieres are more than just movie screenings; they are a celebration of cinema and an opportunity for moviegoers to be part of something special,” said Chassy Cortes, Head of Marketing and Public Relations at Scope Cinemas. “At Scope, we are committed to providing the same atmosphere as abroad, right here in Sri Lanka, and it’s all in service to our patrons.”

Cortes further emphasized the importance of these premieres in improving patrons’ visits to the theater. “It’s about creating something unforgettable. That’s why we invest so much in these premieres. They’re not just about watching a movie; they’re about feeling the magic of cinema in a unique way with your friends and family, before you even set foot inside the theater. The red-carpet treatment doesn’t hurt either.”

The upcoming premiere continues Scope Cinemas’ commitment to bringing the global cinematic spectacle to Sri Lanka. Liberty Cinemas Ltd, the distributor of the movie, is proud to be a part of this venture.

For more information, visit www.scopecinemas.com. 


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