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‘Suiso platinum gold’

With the dawn of the Sinhala New Year, Belltec Holding (Pvt) Ltd launched ‘Suiso platinum gold’ with the presence of Mr. Prassanna Ranaweera State Minister of Rattan Brass, Pottery, Furniture and Rural Industrial Promotion and Profecer Ashu Marasingha , M.P. and Dr. (Mrs) T. L C. Somatunga additional Secretary (Public Health Service) and Dr. Nuwan Kumara Specialized aesthetic (Medical Cosmetology) invited by Mrs. Nilmini Perera, International Director of Belltech company. Suiso platinum gold’ is a product of Japan. Mr. Hajimi Suzuki, the founder of ‘suiso platinum gold’ is the chairman of Nagoya Belltech Company, Japan.

‘Suiso’ is the Japanese word for hydrogen. ‘Suiso platinum gold’ is a unique hydrogen supplement. Hydrogen has the power to remove bad active oxygen and helps to prevent oxidation. Bad active oxygen level increase with ageing and this can cause autoimmune diseases and attack each part of the body.

‘Suiso platinum gold’ is an anti-ageing supplement which can also help to visibly reverse your age. Young people of age 20 and above can prevent ageing and older people can reverse their age by 15 years. Hajimi Suzuki, founder of this product is a living example to the success of this anti-ageing supplement.

The capsule is made out of an extract from the herb ‘perilla’ which is botanically known as Perilla frutescent. It’s also known as Japanese mint, Chinese basil and Suiso. Perilla oil is a member of the mint family and is native to eastern Asia. This oil is a greater source of Omega3, essential fatty aside from which many of its health and skin therapeutic benefits are derived.

The perilla extract can release hydrogen very slowly into blood and cleanses blood. This process helps to protect from diseases as the organs begin to function better and slows down ageing. Also, with the prevailing artificial whitening products in the Sri Lankan market, this

capsule is a safe natural supplement that has no side effects.





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