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Hemas Hospitals responds to national medical emergency

  • Immediately donates lifesaving medical supplies to Castle Street Hospital

Responding to a desperate plea by the medical fraternity, Hemas Hospitals immediately donated 500 Endotracheal (ET) tubes to the neo-natal unit of the Castle Street Hospital for Women. The gesture was in immediate response to a recorded voice message in circulation by Dr Saman Kumara, Consultant Neonatal Pediatrician of Castle Street Hospital, appealing for ET tubes which he said was critical in ventilating newborn babies and fast becoming unavailable due to the current economic and political situation in the Country. 

Dr Saman Kumara explained that the situation has become life-threatening now. The hospital is compelled to re-use disposable ET tubes and ventilator circuits, which he emphasized, is not an acceptable standard.

While handing over the devices to Castle Street Hospital, Dr Lakith Peiris, Managing Director of Hemas Hospitals said “As a responsible healthcare institution, we felt it was our priority and fundamental obligation to immediately attend to this medical emergency”.

“We recognized the dire need of Castle Street hospital and the vital role that national hospitals play to communities. Any disruption of essential supply lines becomes a matter of life and death and must be addressed immediately, and it is in that mindset that we at Hemas felt it was our absolute responsibility to provide the vital ET tubes that are becoming overwhelmingly scarce”.

Dr Saman Kumara in receiving the equipment expressed his deep appreciation of Hemas Hospitals. “This is a humanitarian service – a contribution that reflects the values of an organization for which we are truly appreciative”.

As Sri Lanka confronts the grim reality of an economic meltdown, hospitals, island-wide are bracing for a possible scarcity of life-saving devices.

Hemas Hospitals, as a leading private healthcare organization, commits to doing its best towards national level medical emergencies, with patient centricity fully at its core.



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