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Summer Life Is Easy with Smart Features of the WindFree™ AC

The warm, bright summer days are here, and so is the scorching heat. This time of the year calls for an air conditioner that is powerful yet gentle at the same time. As more people are working from home, having a comfortable room temperature is important. Samsung understands this need and has introduced its range of WindFree™ AC that is powerful yet gentle.

The WindFree™ AC features 23,000 micro holes that blow a gentle breeze at a speed of 0.15 m/s and prevents a strong cold draft. It also features PM 1.0 filter technology that traps all allergens. But that’s not the end of the super cool features that the AC comes packed with.

Samsung WindFree™ AC also comes with a host of smart features that make its users’ lives easier. Let us take a look at all the smart features that make the AC smarter than ever:

With the smart AI Auto Cooling feature, the WindFree™ AC can optimize the cooling based on the owner’s usage behaviour and living conditions. It automatically switches to the most appropriate cooling mode based on preferred temperature and outside temperature.

With Welcome Cooling, the WindFree™ AC can cool the room before you reach home with geo-fencing.

If there is no movement in the room for 20 minutes, the Motion Detect Sensor automatically switches AC to WindFree™ mode to save energy. Users can also set it to blow air away from them or follow wherever they move.

The WindFree™™ AC can be connected seamlessly with the SmartThings app to control the AC directly from a smartphone. This adds more convenience for its users’ lives.

The WindFree™ AC support Bixby voice assistant, Alexa and Google Home. This enables you to control your WindFree™ AC just with your voice.

Forget about summer chills, it’s all about sweet dreams from here on.


The Samsung WindFree range is available for purchase at Samsung authorized partners; Softlogic, Singer, Singhagiri, Damro and Samsung e-Store.



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