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hSenid HRO goes global as PeoplesHR Outsourcing

PeoplesHR Outsourcing, a strategic business unit of hSenid Business Solutions, formerly known as hSenid HRO recently expanded its global footprint with the aim of advancing outsourcing in global markets. Some of the services of PeoplesHR Outsourcing include; Payroll Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing, and HR technology transformation Consultancy services.

Since the onset of the pandemic, digital transformation, and remote work has become the norm. This has paved the way for companies to reassess their work processes and strategies as well as come up with innovative ways to increase productivity and efficiency. With hybrid work environments becoming the norm, the opportunity to reduce capital outlays while still benefiting from best-practiced process management skills has arisen.  PeoplesHR Outsourcing has identified this and works to meet the needs of its clientele by offering high quality solutions for their HR needs. PeoplesHR Outsourcing offers expert domain knowledge regarding IT Systems, Payroll Outsourcing Services, Resource Outsourcing Services, Consultancy Services, and the implementation of these services with a blend of technology and HR in an efficient manner.

Commenting on the capabilities of PeoplesHR Outsourcing and the rebranding, Dinuka Erosh, Head of PeoplesHR Outsourcing stated; ‘Through our expertise and years of experience, we created a system which allows us to meet the needs of our clients wherever in the world they may be located. Sri Lanka is a country with a talented workforce possessing expert domain knowledge, and we match them with our clients across the world’

This is all done whilst maintaining a cost-effective business model with no initial cost for setting up. With lower costs and higher output, PeoplesHR is poised to become a global leader in HR Outsourcing.

PeoplesHR aligns itself with the goals of our clients and works towards them to efficiently provide its key services such as; payroll outsourcing, HR outsourcing, and HR consultancy. The PeoplesHR team is committed to providing proven and effective solutions which enable customers to efficiently navigate dynamic business environments.



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