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Alumex grows Lumin fabricators network to 15,000

  • Specialised training and growth opportunities provided to fabricators
  • Capacity building programmes organised to create awareness and enhance knowledge

Alumex, Sri Lanka’s leading fully integrated aluminium profiles manufacturer and member of the Hayleys Group, recently expanded its network of home-grown aluminium fabricators to over 15,000 with the addition of 2,000 Lumin experts.

Kick-starting the initiative over two decades ago, Alumex established a fully equipped training centre to equip local aluminium fabricators with the latest technology. In addition to improving the knowledge base of fabricators in Sri Lanka, the company continues to train technical college leavers and military fabrication units under the initiative.

“Alumex has always ensured customers have access to the best possible products. Towards achieving this goal, we have enhanced the skills of aluminium fabricators across the island, providing them with the necessary knowledge and certifications to help ensure quality across the entire domestic industry. In the process, we have also established a thriving, vibrant Lumin community.

“Having experienced increasing demand for qualified aluminium fabricators, we are expanding this community and onboarding others inspired by the industry by creating awareness and offering access to qualifications. We appreciate the community of Lumin fabricators and reward their continuous support in catering to evolving demands with exceptional service,” Alumex Managing Director Pramuk Dadiwela said.

The company trains over 2000 fabricators annually, making them up-to-date with global trends and enhancing their practical skills to carry out a commercially sustainable business.

Most recently, Alumex brought together registered Lumin experts, trained and certificated fabricators from across the island for a seminar on industry growth opportunities and will organise similar events in the months to come to ensure uninterrupted service quality to customers and support newcomers to enter and serve the market.

To ensure service quality standards are at an international level, Alumex will continuously evaluate Lumin aluminium fabricators and has organised capacity-building seminars to improve management skills, global best practices, and advanced techniques introduced to the industry.

“Aluminium fabricators undertake construction projects of varying scales and are important stakeholders in the construction industry. Over the years, this community has worked tirelessly to provide the domestic market with high-quality services for which we are truly grateful. It is this innovative and creative drive we wish to foster within the industry through our initiative,” Dadiwela commented.  

Moreover, Alumex was certified as an eco-label by the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) across its extensive product portfolio, setting the manufacturer as a contributor toward the Hayleys Lifecode, a comprehensive future-driven roadmap encompassing the Group’s long term sustainability goals. 

Founded in 1986, Alumex PLC is a subsidiary of Sri Lankan multinational and diversified conglomerate Hayleys Group. The company has collaborated with multiple stakeholders to inculcate sustainable manufacturing practices while collaborating toward greater circularity and environmental commitments.




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