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Daraz Cares joins hands with Child Action Lanka to power better futures for children in underserved communities

Daraz Cares is Sri Lanka’s first online multi-charity donation platform, connecting thousands of consumers and potential donors to charities that are helping Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

As part of Daraz’s commitment to give back to its communities, Daraz Cares seeks to empower people and deliver happiness to those who need it the most.  Every day, Daraz strives to deliver on their promise, make it personal, and promote generosity of spirit which translate to initiatives that aim to enhance and transform the experiences of sellers, buyers, and the wider community it operates in. Daraz Cares provides everyone who visits the platform an opportunity to be a part of the meaningful work of the company towards uplifting communities and driving change through the power of technology.

Through Daraz Cares on, customers can donate to verified charity partners and other not-for-profit organizations working to solve a multitude of developmental challenges and meet pressing needs. More importantly, 100% of every donation made through Daraz Cares goes to the charity or organization of choice, with no hidden charges or additional costs being incurred at any point of the donation or transaction.

The Daraz Cares “Charity and Donation” page is listed under the ‘Home & Lifestyle’ category on Daraz, which makes donating as easy as placing an order. However, customers can also access Daraz Cares via

During the month of May, Daraz has partnered with Child Action Lanka to raise funds for their ‘Help My Friends’ campaign, which focuses on keeping children and parents together, thus providing these children much more secure and stable futures.

Many families in Sri Lanka struggle to make ends meet on a daily basis. To make matters worse, the ongoing economic crisis is pushing many families further into poverty. In this backdrop, many parents are compelled to leave their children for work far from home and some children are also dropping out of school to gain employment and contribute to household incomes to meet health and nutrition requirements.

Child Action Lanka’s ‘Help My Friends’ campaign seeks to raise funds to support the financial requirements of a child’s day care/after-school care, nutritional requirements, school supplies, and other educational expenses. The donations made through Daraz Cares to Child Action Lanka will, therefore, enable parents to seek work close to home and ensure they are not separated from their children for months or even years, thereby also protecting children from different forms of abuse that could take place when separated from their parents. The ‘Help My Friends’ campaign aims to give children back their childhoods and create an environment where children find the comfort, peace, acceptance, and security they need to grow and thrive, despite ongoing challenges.

Join the Child Action Lanka family today and sponsor the needs of a child by donating on Daraz Cares! For more information on Child Action Lanka, please email or visit



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