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Good Communication: The Foundation of Strong Construction

The construction industry is complex. If you simply consider a construction site, so many things have to be coordinated and occur at the correct time in order for it to be able to function properly. To do this, communication is key, and often a huge bottleneck for the industry. Very often, various aspects have to be coordinated across multiple locations, and some sites can be so large that, without effective communication, efficiency is lost and safety compromised.

Traditionally, push-to-talk (PTT) 2-way radios have been used to facilitate communications on large construction sites, but these pose significant challenges, especially with regard to requiring high initial investment in infrastructure, and may be hampered by various government restrictions. That means that this technology is often restricted to only the largest and most well-funded construction sites.

Thus, to meet this important requirement of communications, many sites rely on mobile phones, but these devices are not built for the purpose and are cumbersome, with facility managers and others often having to call up multiple people, making it very difficult to coordinate complex activities. Also, many areas on a construction site are not suitable for mobile phones. Plus, almost all phones are fragile and easily damaged amidst the harsh conditions of a site.

These factors inspired the development of Hytera’s range of Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) solutions, which are ideally suited for efficient communications on a construction site. As PoC works using regular 2G,3G and LTE cellular networks, this means that there is no need to invest in infrastructure. Plus, the cell service can be obtained at a very minimal cost. Furthermore, unlike a phone, Hytera’s PoC devices are built for instant, clear communications to all parties, and are built ruggedly to withstand the harsh environments and rough use usually experienced on construction sites. In addition to this, all devices are equipped with high quality speakers for loud and clear audibility, even in noisy environments. Interested parties can obtain full details at www.hytera.com.

Attesting to their durability, reliability and ease of use, Hytera’s PoC solutions are used around the world by many global companies and organisations including Abu Dhabi Police, JSC AK Altynalmas, South African Airways (Pty) Ltd, Vodafone, Expo 2020 Dubai and more.

Kevin Sun, General Manager of Hytera Sri Lanka, has also pointed out that, for centralized coordination and tracking, Hyteras PoC radios also include GPS tracking, long lasting batteries and the capability of using WLANs, for areas where cellular signal is low. In Hytera’s line-up, three devices are of particular interest for the construction industry. These are the PNC 370, 380 and 550. All of these devices are ruggedly built and designed for the rough and tumble of the construction site. Furthermore, all of them feature huge batteries to provide for long life. Each can also be used to talk to groups or individuals instantly, at the push of a button. All feature Bluetooth technology as well for hands-free usage.

The PNC 370 is MIL-STD-810G (military grade) and IP55 certified to withstand harsh environments and its 3,100mAh battery provides up to 18 hours of operation.

The PNC 380 goes even further offering IP67 protection on top of the MIL-STD-810G, making it dust proof and water resistant in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes. The device can also comfortably endure a drop of over 1.5metres without sustaining damage, and its 4,000mAh battery allows for over 24 hours of operation on a 5-5-90 duty cycle. Additionally, the device features dual microphones for noise reduction in noisy environments to provide superior, crystal-clear audio. This device is also capable of 4G live video, to improve situational awareness and facilitate decision-making.

The PNC 550, in addition to being IP68 water resistant and dustproof, and MIL-STD-810G certified, also offers a large 5-inch HD touchscreen that is protected by Gorilla Glass and readable in direct sunlight, and can function with wet-hands and gloves. Fast charging and a 4,000mAh battery mean that the device can provide all day use with a short charge cycle. The audio on this device is truly outstanding and it comes coupled with an 13mp rear camera with OIS and an 8mp front camera for clear and detailed images. On top of all these benefits the PNC 550 runs on an open platform that allows for 3rd party applications. With open APIs, customized 3rd party apps can be developed for this platform for uses such as QR code recognition, license plate recognition and others.

Hytera’s range of PoC radios presents a reliable, affordable, seamless and convenient way for the construction industry to establish robust communication networks onsite and offsite, and even countrywide or internationally. For more information about Hytera PoC radios in Sri Lanka, please contact Sindy Liu via email at jia.liu@hytera.com.



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