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Surado Campus extends a helping hand for the elders at SOS Village Piliyandala

Surado Campus of Business Management, a leading, privately-led vocational training institution which pioneered healthcare training programmes aimed at creating local and foreign employment opportunities, initiated its latest corporate social responsibility (CSR) project in the SOS Village at Piliyandala successfully. The organisation, an internationally acclaimed industry leader in higher education, has initiated a new wave of global job opportunities for Sri Lankans.

The management and staff committed to contributing towards the national development, pledging its unwavering care and support for the elders residing in the village during these challenging times.

The timely initiative was announced at a small private gathering at the SOS village by P.S.R.Buddhika, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Surado Campus of Business Management, in the presence of D. Danushika, Director – Surado Campus,Sector Heads, Branch Managers, and other esteemed guests of the Campus and the SOS Village. Surado Campus stepped up efforts to initiate this project for the organisation in response to difficulties faced by SOS Villages in funding its operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commenting about their latest CSR initiative, P.S.R.Buddhika, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Surado Campus of Business Management, said, “Surado Campus thrives on a mission to create leaders of the great caliber of great character. While many think that good leadership comes from talent alone, we believe talent coupled with great character is what creates a good leader. Great examples must be set for the current generation to understand that the heart’s strength, caliber and character are what take them to limitless victories as both a leader and a human being. Hence, we stand at the SOS Village, hoping that our pledge to care and support the elders would be a good enough example to create impactful ripples and bring out great leaders. We have begun the journey of enriching the lives of these individuals, and we believe our students and staff will succeed in carrying forward the project with great pride and greater heart.”

  1. Danushika, Director of Surado Campus of Business Management, added, “The efforts of organisations such as SOS Village to look after these elders and create hope in their minds is truly commendable. To have partnered with such an impactful institution brings pride and warmth to us at Surado Campus. We hope that the step we took to ensure a better future for these elders would pose a great example to those we mentor at our Campus.”

The CSR project by Surado Campus currently pledges to financially support the elders at the SOS Village by looking into their basic needs. The educational institution also plans to extend its experienced hand in healthcare education to help SOS Village’s children who have lost parental care, secure great employment opportunities and build successful career paths for their future. Surado Campus is currently in discussion with the village to take the CSR project forward in a way that enriches the lives of both children and elders of SOS Village.

Surado Campus of Business Management offers specialized healthcare training programmes including a 6-month Diploma in Healthcare consisting of practical first aid courses, ultramodern physical therapy treatment initiations and specialized lectures by an eminent panel of lecturers.

Surado was adjudged Best Vocational Training Institute at the Shramaabhimani Awards 2019, Asia Awards 2020, and South Asian Business Excellence Awards 2021. It is a certified vocational training institution, offering UK, USA, Australian and New Zealand Educational Framework approved caregiver programs in Sri Lanka.

The Campus, registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka, and endorsed by the Public Health Services Regulatory Commission of Sri Lankan as well. For more information, visit www.surado.lk



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