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CINEC Campus joins hands with Sri Lanka Automobile Service Providers Association (SLASPA)

Sri Lanka automobile service providers association (SLASPA) and CINEC Campus agreed to collaborate towards more effective imparting of knowledge and skills on automobile industry amongst the student population in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka automobile service providers association (SLASPA) is dedicated to providing the best automobile products, services, and facilities to all Sri Lankans supported by its 600+ registered workshops island wide while CINEC Campus is a renowned non-state institution for tertiary, graduate and post-graduate technological education and training in Sri Lanka. Further, CINEC is the only Higher Education Institute in Sri Lanka, that offers an undergraduate degree in Automotive Engineering, with the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education. In addition, CINEC offers another degree in Automotive Engineering, in collaboration with University of Wolverhampton, UK.

This collaboration would ultimately pave the way for developing industry ready students at CINEC through the contribution of the staff of SLASPA. The targets are to make CINEC an institution, ready for current automotive industry and develop CINEC students so that they would be work ready for the automotive industry. Via constant dialog with the industry, the curricula would be improved matching changes in needs and aspirations of the industry and students will be allowed to undergo training to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Thus, the main objective of this partnership is to develop professional competency of students who are studying Automotive Engineering diploma and degree, to become qualified to enter the Automotive industry. For this purpose, undergraduate as well as graduate training placements will be offered by SLASPA. Such trainees are expected to improve the required competencies in the operation, manufacturing, and maintenance of specialized machinery to manufacture and maintain automobiles.

This collaboration will enhance, the development of course content, practical guidance and to provide corporate strategic direction for the students of CINEC and for the staff of the SLASPA according to the changing demand in the industry. At the same time, this will help the staff of SLASPA in their career development and assist with their continuous academic development.

Both the organizations will support each other to develop tailor-made training programs and provide training for SLASPA upon special requirements. CINEC will provide assistance with warranty matters and research work done by SLASPA.



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