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ALT X assigned by Neptune Recyclers for Brand and Marketing strategy

Altered Experience (ALT X), Sri Lanka’s international award-winning digital, data, and design thinking partner for the age of convergence, has been selected by Neptune Recyclers to develop their brand and marketing strategy.

Neptune Recyclers, a fully owned subsidiary of Expack Corrugated Cartons PLC, is a widely recognized pioneer in the Recycling and Waste Management sector of Sri Lanka and an award-winning, innovative company with over two decades in the industry. ALT X developed a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy that encompassed the complete tool kit using data, design thinking and behavioural science. Although ALT X has been operational for only one and a half years, it has continued to excel in many verticals and thereby captured the attention of local and international clients. One of the keys to ALT X’s success is how it understands market segments much deeper than conventional outfits due to its Design Thinking approach.

Kabeer Rafaideen – Founding CEO of ALT X stated, “We are proud to have been chosen by a prestigious brand such as Neptune Recyclers to carry out the all-important project to develop their brand and marketing strategy. Although ALT X was only created 1-1/2 years ago, we have made rapid progress capitalizing on addressing key business challenges with Design Thinking at the root of it all. As a result, we are already getting noticed in both the local and international arena. Our solutions have also won international acclaim at award shows which underscores our ability to design, create and deliver solutions of international standards. With a specialization on sustainability as a base driver for strategy, we’ve been able to develop solutions that have been delivering results consistently”

Fazleen Majeed, CEO of Neptune Recyclers commented, “We have been seeking the services of a company that is able to think differently and deliver the desired results. After conducting our research, we handpicked ALT X as we felt that they are well-positioned to take on this project. We were impressed with their out-of-the-box thinking and outstanding client portfolio and they certainly exceeded our expectations and their design thinking approach that centered on Sustainability and understanding the circular economy was a massive plus factor in creating a viable brand and marketing strategy for our business”

During its relatively shorter lifespan, ALT X has successfully delivered world-class solutions for clients and thereby won international acclaim. ALT X’s client portfolio includes brands such as Fonterra, Traffi UK, Kodak, Westinghouse, Serviceform, Elle, Eswaran Brothers and Sri Lanka’s first cloud supermarket Providore. The company decodes data driven insights to create transformational change. Using Design Thinking, the company develops a deeper understanding of clients’ audiences, challenging the norm and assumptions, reframing and redefining problems to identify strategies and solutions for businesses and delivering viable results. Together with the industry experts for sustainability, the Carbon Consulting Company and The Sustainable Future Group, ALT X creates a diverse range of solutions that range from data visualizations, communications solutions, conceptualization, and development of basic tools to AI and Data powered engines and interfaces. When it comes to Strategy, ALT X uses proven methodologies and thinking for the age of data and technology, to create real and measurable change in clients’ businesses. Its media strategies combine behavioural science, creativity and technology to provide end-to-end solutions. The company also amalgamates outstanding creative talent with data, technology, and behavioural science to deliver excellent results.

Neptune Papers (Pvt) Ltd is a fully certified and licensed company providing efficient waste management solutions for offices and commercial industries. Using modern technology and environment-friendly processes, the company provides its clients a Total Recycling Solution, via engaging in the processes of collection, shredding and exporting of recyclable waste.



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