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Lassana Flora’s New Bicycle Delivery Team Beats Fuel Queues to Make Ontime Deliveries

Adapting to a changing environment, and driven by a commitment to always support customers and achieve service excellence, Lassana Flora has recently introduced floral deliveries on bicycles. In the face of the prevailing fuel shortages, Lassana Flora’s bicycle delivery team is both a practical and sustainable solution for deliveries in the close vicinity of the Company’s two flagship stores, in Colombo 07 and Nawala. Accordingly, the bicycle delivery team will execute orders within 5 km of the Company’s two flagship stores and soon implemented via all outlets.

Discussing the new initiative, Founder and Chairman of the Lassana Group of Companies, Dr. Lasantha Malavige said, “In certain circumstances, owing to the prevailing situation in the country, motorised deliveries are impractical, and it is up to companies to adapt, shift and pivot in order to, not just remain competitive, but also to meet customer service standards. The introduction of our bicycle delivery team is our contribution to our customers and the nation at this time. In addition to supporting continuity of service, bicycles are also sustainable and help to ensure timely deliveries. Particularly for deliveries in close proximity to our outlets, bicycles are the best choice in terms of efficiency, sustainability and cost. Plus, through our visible cycle team, we would also like to promote the idea of cycling as a lifestyle choice, as it has numerous health and environmental benefits. This initiative is also only a first step for us, as we re-evaluate our logistics & fleet management network, and engineer new and more effective, sustainable solutions for the future.”


Lassana Flora’s bicycle delivery team will undertake most routine deliveries and express deliveries and ensure the timely delivery of Lassana’s entire range of floral products, gifts and treats. Through this move, the Company is also doing its part to increase employment opportunities and reduce its reliance on fuel, helping to curb demand at this time of scarcity. Dr Malavige also explained that businesses need to revisit their operational strategies in the present environment and adapt to shifting paradigms, if they wish to remain competitive and meet customer expectations.


The Lassana Group was founded by Dr. Lasantha Malavige (MBBS, DIPM, Ph.D.) during his days as a medical student at the University of Colombo, in 1998. Commencing trade as a florist, Lassana Flora has since revolutionised Sri Lanka’s floral industry through professional service standards, and a devotion to world class quality. Today, the company has grown into one of Sri Lanka’s most recognised florists and the largest flower grower, and further diversified its business, through its web portal, www.lassana.com, into gifting services, cakes and confectionery, and numerous daily essentials. The Lassana Group also consists of other diverse subsidiaries such as Lassana Weddings, Lassana Events, Lassana Innovations, Lassana Exports, Lassana Plantation, Lassana Academy and Lassana International.



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