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Moose Clothing Company unveils the all-new Moose Cup 2022 Trophy

Ever the sporting enthusiast, Moose Clothing Company, Sri Lanka’s innovative and trendy clothing brand for the youth unveiled the new Moose Cup 2022 trophy on 29th June 2022 at the inaugural match between Sri Lanka and Australia at the Moose Cup Test Series which was played in Galle.

As an ardent supporter of Sri Lanka Cricket, Moose Clothing Company has continued to strengthen their support through numerous partnerships as Official Overseas Team Sponsor of the National Cricket team at several cricket championships that took place over the last 12 months.  Alongside these sponsorship, Moose Clothing Company has also partnered with Sri Lanka Cricket for the Moose Cup Test series which will be held from 29th June – 12th July 2022.

The Moose Cup which was initially introduced in 2021 during the England tour of Sri Lanka as a celebration of Test cricket, has undergone a transformation this year with a dynamic new trophy design.

Drawing from the characteristics of the moose, a mammal from the deer family, the Moose Clothing Company have instilled core values such as team spirit, hard work and versatility into their operations.  Known for its ability to be active at sunrise and sunset, the moose are very faithful to their territory, moving around in groups and cohabitating in harmony.  The company too has certainly pledged its loyalty to Sri Lanka through the relentless support of Sri Lanka Cricket especially during the trying times. In this light the Moose Cup trophy too will be a true reflection of these values which through Cricket will help to unite the people of Sri Lanka and create a sense of positivity and hope.



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