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Japanese Embassy denies media reports on Japan refusing to support Sri Lanka

The Embassy of Japan in Colombo today (July 01) categorically denied a media report which stated that Japan would not support Sri Lanka at the moment due to mismanagement of funds.

According to an article published by a local newspaper, the Ambassador of Japan to Sri Lanka reportedly mentioned this during a meeting with the TNA yesterday. The Japanese ambassador engaged in a visit to Jaffna from June 27 to 30.

Issuing a clarification on Japan’s position on the economic situation in Sri Lanka, the embassy dismissed the contents of the article as “incorrect and misleading information”.

“Japan is closely paying attention to the current difficult economic situation in Sri Lanka and severe humanitarian situation accompanied,” the statement noted.

The embassy also said: “Considering such situation, the Government of Japan has decided to provide Emergency Grant Aid of USD 3 million through UNICEF and WFP in order to provide medicine and food in a manner that would directly benefit the Sri Lankan people. Japan sincerely hopes that this assistance will be of help to overcoming the hardship faced by the people of Sri Lanka, Japan’s long-standing friends.

“The Government of Japan would like to consider its further contribution to Sri Lanka in consultation with the Government of Sri Lanka and other developing partners, while giving attention to the situation of Sri Lanka and the negotiation progress between Sri Lanka and IMF.
Japan, time-tested partner in Sri Lanka’s socio-economic development, has been supporting Sri Lanka and will continue to do its part in combining its efforts with the people and Government of Sri Lanka.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Ambassador of the Japanese Embassy, Katsuki Kotaro has written to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the matter.

The PM’s office also stated that this would have a detrimental impact on the country’s economic recovery and the cordial bilateral relationship with Japan.



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