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Scope Cinemas Opens Liberty by Scope Cinemas – Kiribathgoda…

Scope Cinemas Looks Beyond Colombo

The Company Unveils Its Latest Movie Theater in Kiribathgoda

Scope Cinemas starts the new year by opening the doors to its newest movie theater, taking the company to the suburbs of Colombo. Coming under the banner of Liberty by Scope, the company now expands its presence to the town of Kiribathgoda.

Of the company’s most recent news, CEO Thushan Meemanage said, “Since the inception of Scope Cinemas, patrons have been requesting a better moviegoing experience beyond our established locations in the capital. We want to enhance the standards of cinema throughout the country, starting with Kiribathgoda.”

Liberty by Scope Cinemas – Kiribathgoda is equipped with a newly calibrated 5.1 Surround Sound System. The silver screen is set in front of 136 comfortable seats arranged in an orchestra section and ten seats at the balcony level. Patrons can also indulge in a variety of concessions at the snack bar, while getting access to a courtesy booth for helmet and bag storage. Additionally, they may complete contactless ticket purchases through the kiosk in the cinema lobby. The movie theater is set to showcase the latest Hollywood fare and a fine selection of Sri Lankan films, Hindi and Tamil blockbusters. 

Scope Cinemas was founded with the ambition of revolutionizing Sri Lanka’s entertainment industry, starting with the cinema. The company continues to evaluate and seize upon strategic market opportunities to do so, with the latest endeavor in Kiribathgoda being an indicator of these plans. 

Chairman of Scope Cinemas, Naveed Cader added, “We always had this vision of giving every cinemagoer in Sri Lanka an international cinematic experience. Currently, there is a massive lag in standards around the island. We plan to take the cinematic experience in Colombo to other parts of the country at an affordable price, and this is a very important first step in the process.” 

About Scope Cinemas: 

With an eye toward becoming Sri Lanka’s first multi-sensory luxury entertainment company, Scope Cinemas is on a constant push for excellence and innovation. By offering a service that rivals the standards of theatre chains overseas, Scope is treating Sri Lankans to an unparalleled cinematic experience. From foundational aspects such as superior viewing formats and comfortable seating, to standout events including movie festivals and red-carpet premieres, Scope is creating a year-round season of moviegoing revelry.  




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