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Protein Day 2023…..

‘Right To Protein’ announces ‘Easy Access to Protein for All’ as the theme for the year

‘Right To Protein’ announces the theme for Protein Day 2023 as ‘Easy Access to Protein for All’ or ‘Protein Accessibility’ and calls for industry and likeminded individuals to join in the mission to drive food and protein sufficiency

Ahead of the annual Protein Day on 27th February, ‘Right To Protein’, a dedicated protein awareness initiative, has announced ‘Easy Access to Protein for All’ as the theme for 2023. In its fourth year, the theme aims to draw much-needed attention to the accessibility of protein foods, encouraging citizens at large to learn more about protein and its importance in better nutrition and health.

With a population of approximately one billion in South Asia, strategic and urgent steps are required to arrest food inflation and security in many parts of the region. Given this, the theme of ‘Easy Access to Protein for All’ aims to drive dialogues and highlight solutions for citizens to stay informed of accessible protein food sources that can be included in daily diets and further the efforts to make ‘nutrition security’ a reality.

Dr. Renuka Jayatissa, Head, Department of Nutrition, Medical Research Institute, Colombo, a strong supporter of the Right To Protein initiative said, “This Independence Day, let’s pledge for easy access to protein for all! Sri Lanka is a country rich in locally available sources of plant-based and animal-based protein, including affordable and nutrient-dense options such as fish and poultry. However, due to the economic crisis, the affordability of protein-rich foods is an issue, which might lead to protein deficiency in our diet, contributing to the prevalence of malnutrition in many age groups. Addressing this issue requires a combination of awareness and the proper inclusion of protein-rich food in our diets. On the back of Protein Day this year, I encourage innovators within the industry to stir up conversations around the same while working towards ways to make protein-rich foods easily accessible in the country and more affordable for the population”

“With this year’s theme for Protein Day, we encourage everyone to participate in dialogues, events and activities that help spread awareness of the many protein food sources accessible in South Asian countries. We firmly believe that we all have a role to play in ensuring that citizens are more cognizant of their individual protein requirements and the many protein food sources available. We also wish to stimulate conversations around adding sustainable protein options to our diets, to collectively work towards the goal of nutrition security for all,” added Deeba Giannoulis, Head of Marketing U.S. Soy SAASSA, U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC), a supporter of the Right To Protein initiative.

Right To Protein is all set to celebrate Protein Day 2023 with supporters such as nutritionists, food industry experts, chefs, food brands and like-minded citizens to come together to make Sri Lanka a protein-sufficient country.

We urge you to join us on the 27th of February 2023 in celebrating #ProteinDay and promoting “Easy Access to Protein for All”.

For more information on Protein Day and how you can get involved, please visit https://righttoprotein.com/protein-day.html .



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