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Protect the motherland, protect Mother Earth

Every year on 22 April, the world celebrates Earth Day. The main objective of Earth Day is to raise awareness on protecting the planet from things like pollution and deforestation; it is a day that inspires people to take action against environmental pollution like picking up litter and planting trees to make our world a happier, healthier place to live. The global intention of this day is also to provide a voice to this emerging environmental consciousness and put environmental concerns on the front page – which is exactly what TBWA Sri Lanka and Omnicom Media, together with the Mawubima newspaper, did.

As the disruption agency, TBWA Sri Lanka and Omnicom Media decided to spark a conversation around Earth Day. Creatives at TBWA Sri Lanka shared: “We as a country do not celebrate World Earth Day. In fact, most of us don’t even remember which day it is. So that’s why we thought it would be important to create awareness about this day and what it means to us as Sri Lankans”.

TBWA Sri Lanka and Omnicom Media partnered with Mawubima, and for the first time ever removed its name from the front page of the newspaper, to deliver a thought-provoking message: You’ll lose your motherland, if you don’t protect Mother Earth.

This is a way of creating something bold, something that inspires people to rethink the way they look at the planet, something that has never ever done before in the history of newspaper. The newspaper front directed people to the full-page editorial article, talking about the importance of commemorating this day as a country.



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