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eChannellingintroduces One-touch Tele-Channelling to offer personalised Doctor consultation Services

Reiterating its commitment topioneering digital lifestyle & health solutions,eChannelling, Sri Lanka’s largest channelling network and arm of SLT-MOBITEL, launched its all new One-touch Tele-Channelling Service, offering personalised online video Doctor consultation solution. The new service enablespatients based locally or worldwide to consult Doctors’online, providing personalized service and greater convenience.

With a strong pledge to offer high quality digital healthcare solutions and leading Sri Lanka towards digitisation, eChannelling’s new and own platform for online video doctor channelling is aimed at helpingpatients secure the benefits of a remote channelling service, conveniently and uplifting their lifestyle using cutting-edge technologies.

During the pandemic, telemedicine became a lifeline for many individuals and families in delivering healthcare. eChannelling supported the nation providing dedicated doctor consultation and remote monitoring patients’ health conditions via audio/video facilities.

Post pandemic, eChannelling’s new One-touch Tele-Channelling online video consultations solution integrated through the eChannelling App enables local and international patients to connect with registered doctors via a video call.

Harnessing the power of technology and improving access to healthcare, the eChannellingTele- Channelling online video consultations offer multiple benefits for patients such asability to view a list of doctors available online in real-time,view sessions for a particular doctor and place appointments for online doctors. Patients can book teleconsultation appointments for doctors who are registered and scheduled for the teleconsultation service.

Additionally, when a patient places an appointment, the Doctor will be notified of the appointment through the Doctor App and he/she will have the ability to initiate a video call to the patient based on their mutual preference,engaging in consultations at the convenience of both parties. This feature enables Doctorsbeing able to connect with patient from anywhere, anytime, including those located internationally.

Providing greater convenience, patients can initiate a chat with a doctor two hours prior to the session commencing and 24 hours after the session.To assist the patient, the ability to share medical reports and earlier prescriptions with the doctor are also available. At the appointment time, the doctor will initiate a video call to the patient’s last logged in device and the session will continue until the consultation is over.

Furthermore, the Doctor can also share the prescription with the patient after the session and if any further clarifications are necessary, patients can raise them within 24 hours after the session via the chat facility. A view of past teleconsultation conversations with the doctor is also available for better outcomes.

Patients can download the eChannellingApp from App Store/Play Store while Doctors can download the eChannelling Pro also from App Store/Play Store. More information can be obtained by logging on to the eChannellingwebsite www.echannelling.com.



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